Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Water play with Anjali and Sophia

Yesterday was water play day at the hands on challenge and boy, did we have fun!!

As it often turns out with children, the activity ended up being quite different (and far more constructive) than what I had planned. I had planned to take a tub of water and some plastic bags to the stairwell and throw water bombs around. The girls, on the other hand, evolved the time into something more beautiful.

There was a bit of community service thrown in too.

See the seriousness in their face as they scrubbed the stairwell, first using some old cloth and then the plastic bags (who ever know that plastic bags are so good for scouring!!) I joined in to clean the walls as well.. It was the perfect kind of messy play!

Husband popped in from time to time and said that it gave him a headache just looking at the amount of cleaning being done. But all the rest of the family had good fun.

And at the end of it all, we poured the rest of the water down the stairs and watched it pool at the bottom. Then we put our feet in the puddles and made footprints in the dry landings.

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