Tuesday, November 8, 2011

updates on 30 days of hands on play

I usually dont blog on weekends, as it gives me the time to concentrate on the kids, and I have to hand it to the guys at imagination tree for keeping their challenge running regardless of weekends and public holidays

So I have been keeping an eye on my email every evening to see if the activity for the day is in, as it gives me a chance for a resolution at active uninterrupted almost child directed play.

So this is what we have been doing:

Islands for jumping.

ofcourse, Sophia wanted to put up her Simba Nala cave. She makes us put up the fort every couple of hours and makes us repair it when it falls down. So we had a bunch of rocks to lead to the Simba Nala cave which at some point turned out to be boats

And here are the islands on the corridor

And the fort in a brighter angle

For block play (though I dont have any photos), it was the building of a gate in front of our fort to protect Simba and Nala from invaders.

I told Sophia that lions donot have hands, and we should try to build with opur feet and teeth, and she goes

"Mummy! We are people lions!"

What are people lions? - I ask

"People lions are the lions that they make for the show!!", she exclaims, pointing out the obvious.

How come we missed that crucial step in evolutionary history?

We had playdough as well, two days in a row. I usually avoid crafts and art that have to do with using food, as sometimes we feel that it encourages waste. But playdough just happened to be fine as I had a kilo of white flour which I had left in the cupboard forgotten for a long while. I had taken it out for the purposes of playdough and found that it was starting to get insects.

Anjali and Sophia are very fond of insects and enjoyed digging them out of the flour first before I decided to add to my karma by dunking boiling water on the dough to make playdough.

It was good fun, I even joined in and baked some salt dough stars and spiders.

The girls enjoyed it so much that they made me do it again on Monday morning, this time with colored playdough. On Sunday night, we had done the playdough without colors, but with some playfoam and stuff to stick in it.

A photo didnt quite capture the dough play, so here is a video. The girls still watch a lot of princess movies, and they are on a lot about falling in love and getting married.

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