Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I wish

Over the years, I have learnt to come up with substitutes for the things that i wish for.

I have wished for a garden, with plenty of space, and we made a balcony garden and watched it flourish.

I have wished for throwing less and have learnt to recycle and be more creative in general

I have wished to be a kind of Martha Stewart and have learnt the joys of simple stuff like home made bread and self cooked lunch.

But one thing that i still wish for is a garden space. I envy those bloggers who share spaces with lots of grass and trees and brooks and water ways for children to explore. On my to do list is a play garden designed out of simple materials, possibly tires or old tubs, for the children to grow their own garden.

But in the meantime, there is this

We were at the Jacob Ballas children's garden yesterday and we found this nice tree with low branches. There are very few trees in Singapore with low branches, and this one was a real treat to Anjali

Can you see those legs dangling above husband's head? Thats Anjali.

Jacob Ballas children's garden is a delightful place, with little crannies for children to explore and large areas that attract kids. I do wish that we had the initiative to go there more often, or better, if the lawns and play areas downstairs could be landscaped into a garden like that. It wont take much, a community initiative is probably all that it would take to create a garden which would be a feast for the explorer.

the day may yet come.

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