Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dress up at Miti's house and Treasure hunting

When we went for playdate at Miti's housse, she had taken out a whole bunch of interesting looking fabrics and dresses for the girls to play with. While Anjali went for the classic look, Sophia went for the all out traditional look

WE had a bit of a ramp walk after Veer went to sleep. Sophia insisted on it.

On other activities, treasure hunt was the order of the day and once I got home, while patti was reading to the girls, I opened up their alphabet puzzle wooden board and hid the pieces in several different places around the house - The rubberband box, Anjali's sock box, my cupboard, under pride rock- you get the idea.

Then I gave them clues for finding the things

"Sophia, look near the place that shows the story of a show that you like to watch"

"I like to watch Mulan mummy!"

"What else do you like to watch?"

"I like to watch Simba Nala"

"Is there a place in our house that shows the story of Simba Nala?"

"Pyide Yock!!"

And she found the pieces

"Anjali. look in the place where mummy goes when mummy finishes her bath"

"The bedroom?"

"What does mummy need after finishing her bath?"

Expected answer: clothes

Anjali was a long time in getting back and I went to the bedroom to peek. She had opened husband's cupboard

"Anjali, Why would mummy go to daddy's cupboard after finishing her bath? My clothes are in the other cupboard"

"Clothes? I thought you meant towel"

I hadnt anticipated that, but the girls had fun searching for stuff

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