Friday, October 14, 2011

Tantrums and conversations

I guess it was because Sophia didnt sleep in the afternoon. Husband wanted to go to buy smoked salmon and ofcourse the girls too wanted to go along, not for the salmon, but for the Tom n Stefanie. We have been having Tom n Stefanie issues with the kids ever since they moved the Thomas trains to the ground level, which, I guess was precisely their point.

As the queue at Shop n save was really long, husband suggested that I bring the girls to Tom n Stefanie which he queued for the cashier.

I brought the girls up

"Ok girls, when daddy comes up, you have to finish your play and go home. Do we have a deal?"

"Deal." Said Anjalil

"Deal" Said Sophia.

Husband came in around ten minutes.

"Let's go", I said.

"No...", began Anjali.

"You made a deal", I reminded her

"Oh, yes, I made a deal", and she cheerfully skipped away from the shop.

Sophia on the other hand, sat in front of a magnetic board "I want to do this...." she bagan

"Daddy is here, lets go", I said

And there began the hugest tantrum of Sophia's career.

She began too cry, and struggles when husband picked her, and struggled when I picked her, and knocked a bunch of toys off the shelfs (luckily they were made of cardboard). I stopped, waved off the attendant and made her pick them up (more tantrums)

"You are going to go into timeout when we get home", i said

More tantrum

We tried to catch a cab home but were overwhelmed by the number of taxis at the stand. So we caught a bus home instead.  She cried in the bus because she wanted a different seat. And she cried downstairs because the buburusa wouldnt move fast enough.

She cried in the lift because Anjali pressed the lift button (this she cries for regardless of the current tantrum state)

Then we opened the door and she rubbed her face with all the tears and snot on the back of my dress (yuck!) and said, quite steadily

"Mummy, I stopped cying. I dont want to go into time out"

Give me some credit, i didnt laugh.

I took her to the bedroom, gave her a glass of water and asked her to calm herself down before coming to the living room.

"Mummy, Is Sophia in time out?" Asked Anjali

"I am not in Time Out!", began Sophia, lips trembling and tears forming, but I managed to take Anjali out before making any judgements.

We were working on reading. I found a book a few days ago called how to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons and I am trying it out on Anjali. So far, we are covering ground that she knows in terms of letter pronunciation, but new ground in terms of sounds. So we are making it a point to spend a few miniutes a day on the  book.

SOphia marched in, eyes dry, face solemn, to sit on my lap. She joined in some of the sounds activities. It was in my interest to take her to bed soon, so thats what I did, right after reading.

After the girls were in the bedroom and I was washing up, I caught snatches of conversations.

Sophia: "Kishna is small"

Anjali: No. Krishna is tall.

Sophia: No Andhali, Kishna is not tall, Ksihna is a baby, so he is small

Anjali: Sophia, is Vishnu tall?

Sophia: Yes

Anjali: Is Rama tall?

Sophia: Yes

Anjali: If Vishnu is tall and Rama is tall, then Krishna must be tall. because Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu and Rama is alsos an avatar of Vishnu.

I came out of the bathroom

Me: Do we girls know the story of how Vishnu found that he was actually small? I can tell it to you.

I was taking the opportunity to turn out the lights.

Sophia: Mummy, Kishna is an avathayam of Vishnu you know. Yaama is also an avathayam of Vishnu.

I told them the story of Shiva and the column of fire.

Me: And Shiva was angry with Brahma because Brahma lied

Anjali: Gods should not lie right?

Me: Right

Sophia: But people can lie right?

Anjali: No. People should not lie also

Sophia: No Andhali. People can lie.

Anjali: No Sophia, people cannot lie, because people are god.

Sophia: I am not god!

Anjali: Yes, you are god. You are god, I am god, everyone is god!

Sophia: I am not god. Mummy, I am not god!

Anjali: God is inside you so you are god and so you cannot lie

Sophia: I am not god!

Anjali: Mummy, tell Sophia that she is god!

Me (trying hard to be diplomatic and not laugh): Sophia is not god but she can be god because god is inside her. But first she must stop throwing the mother of all tantrums


Sophia: Mummy Mummy... I thyew a tantyum because...

Me: because...

Sophia: Because Andhali was playing with the yiting toy and i wanted to play, but daddy came

Anjali: i was not playing with that writing toy

Sophia: Yes you were. There was something yitten on it

Anjali: I didnt write anything on that toy, There was plastic on it

Sophia: Something was yitten on it

Anjali: Maybe the shop uncle or the shop aunty wrote something on it. I didnt write on it there was plastic.

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