Monday, October 24, 2011

Sophia at play on the nature table

One of Sophia's favorite spots is the nature play place. Its the shoe rack, which used to have shoes on it. A few months ago, I cleaned it up stuffed the shoes inside where they belonged and put nature/ made stuff on the table. So it is very colorful and inviting to the two year old, who gravitates often to it to arrange shells and talk to herself. I filmed her at it on Saturday evening.

See if you can spot the red Jedi.

The nature table is mostly filled with seashells that we have collected over various beach trips, a potted plant, another seashell filled with moss and a new money plant - I tried to grow succulents on it but it didnt work out too well.

Yesterday Anjali and Sophia were having a fight. I believe Sophia was calling Anjali names

"Mummy. Please put Sophia in time out, she is calling me names"

"Sophia, if you are calling Anjali names, you need to find a place to sit in time out".

"Mummy, please put Sophia in the dirtiest corner of the room for her time out"

Sophia waled to the seashell and grabbed some moss off it.

"Here Anjali, some dirtiest corner. You can sit here. "

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