Friday, October 7, 2011

The search is on

Yesterday, my biggest worry was what to cook for lunch the next day and the best things to play with the kids. Now a new decision is looming over us and we are finding it quite overwhelming.

I had never before appreciated fully the idea of primary school selection. We live next to Keming school and Keming it was going to be. Atleast, that is what we had expected and that is what we had told Anjali since she was like one year old. IT was nearly perfect an arrangement, take lift down, cross the road, enter school gate. Cant get easier than that.

And then we began to hear scary stories, parent volunteering, giving lunch coupons, neighbours losing ballot.

I took the girls to the school yesterday to speak to them about parent volunteering. Imagine my shock when all the volunteering places for the year 2014 were closed. I mean, the girl is not even in kindergarten and here I was thinking that I am  early and dont need to really volunteer and what do I get? A bunch of fellows who had overtaken me in signing up for volunteering to put their kids in Keming.

Uma aunty said that when Navin and Priyanka were going in, about 6 years or so ago, there was not even any ballotting. Imagine that! Its a crazy world.

We do have a number of other decent schools in the area, but they are atleast a little farther than keming. The question is what to do next? Its like a whole underland of primary school language that has opened up now, that was not there before.

In other news, Anjali has been invited by her ballet teacher to take the Royal Academy of dance exam for primary ballet. the exam is in March, but she will be taking classes twice a week until that. Every Monday and Thursday.

I didnt explain to Anjali what and exam was. I just told her that it is like a mini concert after which she can go to Ballet level 2. She likes mini concerts, so I guess she'll do fine.

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