Wednesday, October 12, 2011

playing with soap, fighitng, secrets

Yesterday evening, as an extended messy play, the girls and I worked with soap dough. The idea was simple, take soap, shred it up, add a bit of water, whisk it with an egg beater, play. The girls helped in the shredding of two small bard of hotel soap

The resultant concoction was a nice doughy soapy thing which we played with on the kitchen floor. After making some random shapes and squishing etc, and when it seemed that these kids were losing interest, i brought out some sand toys and asked them to mold the soap inside. This morning, ti had dried (almost) and we have two shaped soap, nicer than any hotel soap - the stegosauras is Sophia's and the sea shell is Anjali's.

The girls got dumped in the bath where they played. And then fought. Anjali wanted in on Sophia's tub and bullied Sophia out.

As I was telling Anjali about the negatives of bullying, and declaring that she would have to give up helping me to make cake because she bullied her sister, Sophia comes along and tugs my dress

"Mummy, I will tell u a secyet."


"We will ask Anjali to help us make the cake, but we will not let her eat it ok?" (This said with the most impish face of a person coming to best conclusions)


  1. oh my god - Sophia is one clever girl....Poor Anjali - I think she will be bullied by Sophia very soon... Swati

  2. She's too cheeky for her age :(


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