Monday, October 31, 2011

The lion king musical

The girls were both dressed in yellow for the lion king musical. As we had reminded them to wear long pants since the theatre might be cold, they wore pants and the only yellow t-shirt they had - a run for kids t-shirt that they had gotten at the POSB run a month or so ago.

Following Swati's advice, we took seats close to the aisle, and Anjali was given a booster seat to see better. When i booked the tickets, a number of seats next to us was empty, and given that I had booked the tickets less than a week in advance, I was holding out hope that there would be spare seats next to us to plonk Sophia when the show began. No luck, as the whole hall was filled up as the show began.

The rhinos and the birds came straight up near us and there was a point when Simba was running away when he ran straight past us. The kids were extremely excited by the program and really loved it. Anjali stayed in her seat for the whole period without commenting and when Mufasa died, she held tight to my arms and sniffled quite a lot

Although she declared categorically later that she didnt cry at all.

Sophia fidgetted a bit during the show, but was, as usual, very vocal during the taxi ride. Anjali had nearly fallen asleep in husband's arms.

"Mummy, I like the show mummy, but I liked the book moye"

The book is question was a very unartistic narration of a bunch of disney animal stories which husband and I mostly bought for the illustrations, but which the kids read from time to time

"Sophia, normally, the book is better than the show, but this is an exception", said husband, and I asked her "Why do you like the book more?"

"Because.... because... the book has more content mummy!"

She probably has no clue what content means. likely she heard me saying it in reference to some other movie.

"It has more content.", i repeated

"Yes"she affirmed. "The book also has yaw lions"

Husband and I werent really sure what she meant. "raw lions?"

"What is a raw lion?" we asked

"The book has no people lions", she said.

"Mummy, there are no people lions in the world!!"

This astounding declaration has been a talking point in our home for the whole weekend, people lions and raw stuff.

I was telling the girls about how their beaded princess dresses were underused and starting to get small, and how I had two baby princess dresses (no idea who gave princess dresses for six month old kids), which were hardly used and which I dont want to throw away because they are so pretty.

"I should take out all the beads and use them for some other craft project", I said

"Then I will wear the yaw dress", says Sophia.


"What is a raw dress?", I asked her

"A yaw dress is a dyess without spinkly sparkly"


"Whats a raw lion?"

"A yaw lion is not a people lion"

yeah, we got that.

"What is a raw building?"

"A yaw building has no windows!"

"A raw tree?"

"A yaw tree has no leaves!"

"A raw swimming pool?"

"A yaw swimming pool has no water"

Well, she has her logic straight, though the terminology may be wierd

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