Friday, October 28, 2011

Ink on my hands and feet and kids who dont sleep

My my. That title has a rather catchy rhythm to it. I should make it the title of my upcoming children's book for sleep deprived flu ridden mothers whose content is as follows:

Sophia loves to push people around.

She loves more than anything to push her mom around.

One day, when her mom was sick with the flu and unable to protest because of a lack of voice, Sophia took blue and green markers and drew on her mother's hands and legs.

The one on the right hand was a set of spots

The one on the left hand was a group of mermaids having a swimming competition.

The one on the right hand was also a 2 having a yunning yace. The yunning yace had no paytneys and so it was a single race

(Whatever that means)

The markers didnt go away when mom took a shower in the morning.

So Mom went to office with green and blue markers on her hand. Luckly her colleagues were too polite to comment, though she did observe some strange stares.

Sophia loves to push her mom around in the night or early in the morning.

One night, she refused to sleep till midnight and tried very hard to keep mom up too.

"Mummy!", she asked. "Why you are sleeping and daddy is not sleeping"

Why doesnt she go to the living room and bug the daddy watching tv?

Another morning, she woke up at 5am and decided that it was too much of a bother to go back to sleep.

The only problem was that everyone else was sleeping.

There was only one thing to do. Who is the best person to whip and threaten to wake up?

Not Anjali, though that would be most fun. Anjali would just kick Sophia and refuse to get pushes around.

Not daddy, who would simply refuse to wake up and hide under the blankets.

Who is left?

Mummy of course. And how to wake up mummy?

"Mummy! I am not sleepy"

"Stay awake then"

"Get up mummy!"

"When the alarm rings, I will get up"

"Mummy, I want milo"

Mummy knows that the milo request will not stop until the milo is given so the mummy drags herself out of bed and makes the milo in the kitchen. The clock on the microwave says 5.15. Great half an hour till the alarm rings.

Mummy puts away the milo tumbler and curls back into bed.

"Mummy is it wake up time?"

"Its wake up time when the alarm rings"

Mummy swears that it cant be more than five minutes

"Mummy, is it wake up time?"

After about twenty repetitions of this, the alarm rings and mummy, after doing some very approximate mental calculations decides that it wont take more than half an hour to make the rice and curry for lunch, and therefore sets the alarm to snooze, curling back under the covers.

"Mummy, get up mummy!"


"get up mummy, I heard something ying mummy!"

Mummy finally got up and dragged herself to the bathroom. Sophia toddled along

"I need some light mummy. Can I on the bedyoom light?"


"I need something to see with"

Mummy turns on the kitchen light and props Sophia on the counter.

Sophia closes her eyes. "Mummy, there's light in my eyes mummy!"

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