Monday, October 17, 2011

How we went for yoga but ended up tramping instead

The yoga playgroup was supposed to have a session yesterday at Fort Canning Park. Myself, who was incharge of venues, got it wrong. The email had said Stamford Green.
Its funny how cognitive dissonance works, because I read the venue as Fort Canning Green, which is the only green I knew of, where we went a couple of years ago for Ballet under the stars.

I didnt really want to roust myself out of bed early in the morning, especially since we had been out to the Thai Ramayana (as Sophia called it) at the Esplanade yesterday. I told the girls in the Thai Ramayana, Rama does not kill Ravana, but Ravana asks for forgiveness. I guess this is probably wrong, as it was told to me by one of the guides in the Bangkok Palace. But Sophia likes this pacifist version of Ramayana and everytime I tell her the story (The Indian version), she asks me to tell her again the thai version (from the beginning and not just with the change in the ending. )

Husband, who is keen on the yoga, rousted us all out, pretty bossily and we were in the taxi on our way. We landed at Fort Canning Green, where there was no yoga group, just a lone man singing at the top of his voice at an echo tunnel, a group of taichi performers and some adults doing serious meditation.

While husband used his marathon skills to run around the park in five minutes, the girls and I walked around the battle box while Anjali asked me questions like why people die in wars (we had also been to the cenotaph the day before on our way back from the esplanade)

Husband couldnt find the yoga group. It was a nice day, so we decided to walk in the park instead, exclaiming at the outdoor statues (which in retrospect were probably not made of paper mache), looking at ant trails and termite trails (and getting bitten by ants and mosquitoes in the process), picking fern leaves and some frangipani flowers for putting on a collage (Sophia piled them all on top of an art block the minute she got home and the girls spent a happy hour making a zoo with their blocks and feeding fern leaves to the animals. I have encouraged them to make a proper collage with glue. We may get to it this evening), sliding down the grassy slope (atleast the yoga mat was useful), sliding down stair railings (what a pity that stair railings these days are so safe and children cannot slide down them) and dipping our feet in a fountain.

We got home at around 11am for a nice lunch of mamaliga and bean sauce. I am trying recipes since we are hosting the walk in November and making sure that husband proofs them and I proof them. As a result, we will be having a repeat of dishes selcted for the brunch and potential dishes on the waiting list over the next two weeks. Hence mamaliga and bean sauce.

A nice morning thanks to the yoga playgroup that didnt happen

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