Monday, October 24, 2011

Conversations with Sophia

More snippets from the budding caption of the debating club

The girls are playing Fiding secret messages on the floor. Atleas Anjali is finding secret messages.Sophia is rubbing

candles on the paper, pouring dirty water over her paper. and generally making a nice mess.

At somepoint, she takes away Anjali's water container (which was a milk carton cut up). There is some kind of scuffle and

husband steps in

Husband: "Sophia, give some water to Anjali"

Sophia: Theresh watey in the kishen

Anjali: I want the box

Sophia: Theresh box in the kishen.

I brought another cut up carton for Anjali, only this was a juice carton with lemons on it. The green eyed monster reared

up and followe dme to the kitchen

Sophia: I want a box.

Me: You have two

Sophia: I want that one. I want like Andhaali.

Me: You have like Anjali.

Sophia: I want the geen one!!


At IMM, owing to patti's hankering, i ended up in a clothes shop to buy a pair of pants. Couldnt find anything suitable and

so decided to try another shop

Me: Come on Sophia.

Sophia is staring thoughtfully and fingering an adult T Shirt
Me: Sophia, come on

Sophia: Mummy mummy...

Me: Yes

Sophia: All my clothes are old mummy.

Me: Really?

sophia: Yes. they are vei old.

Me: Ok...

Sophia: So you must buy me this dyess.

Me: Its a big people dress Sophia

Sophia: Ish ok mummy. I am big.

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