Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Books, readings, tantrums and the like

Anjali read her first book yesterday.

"But I dont know all the letters", she said, when I told her that she would be reading her first book during reading.

"You dont need to know all the letters. There is a magic by which we can still read books without knowing all the sounds", I said.

She was quite skeptical. "Arent we going to do any more sounds?", she asked

 "We are, but we are also going to use the sounds we have already learnt"

So when we began and reviewed sounds, she says

"But you said we were going to read a book??"

Yes. we will. I told her. And then we continued doing sounds, pronunciation, words, and finally her first sentence.

"S...e...e ... see"

"mmm ...eee me"

"e t.... eat"

she said. "see m...e me eat", she said

"Now read it faster", I prompted

"See me eat"

I flipped the page to show her the picture

"See me eat!". She exclaimed. "Sophia!! See... i can read see me eat!"

But Sophia was busy drawing lollipops and didnt pay attention.

"Tell Daddy", I said

"Daddy!! See me eat"

Daddy was more obiliging than Sophia and came along to read "See me eat!"

A very significant milestone

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