Friday, October 21, 2011

Arguments and Spontaneous art

"Mummy", said Sophia. "Andhali is saying that it is hei penshils!!"

"Anjali, please concentrate on your work", I said. "And if you telkl me like this and like that I cant understand because I cant see what you are drawing. "

"Ok. You draw one horizontal line and one vertical line", she said. "Its my pencil Sophia. I got it in school"

"No Andhali. Its mine!", retorted Sophia. "They gave it to me when we did the yadha madhava yadha shyama that time"

"are there angry birds on your pencil?", I asked

"yes", said Sophia. "there is a yed Angy biyd and a yellow angy biyd"

"Ok Anjali", I said. "then its the one tat Suganti aunty gave after the Raha Madhava Radha Shyama"

"Its still mine", said Anjali, not giving up. "They gave me one also"


After Anjali left for school I sharpened Sophia's two angry bird pencils. We put the scraps in a mushroom container.

"I can play with this mummy!", she exclaimed, fingering the scraps with delight

"Yes, you can", I said. "And whats more, you can glue them on to paper and make a collage"

"I want to do that", she said

So we got some construction paper and glue and Sophia meticulously glued all the pencil scraps onto the construction paper

"Done!", she announced triumphantly

"Good", I said. "Now let it dry"

"No mummy. Want to hand on wally"

"Let it dry first", I said

"Ok. I will dry it on the table. We always dry our woyk there."

"You do that. First nlets write your name on your work", I said, grabbing a pencil and writing "Sophia" on it. "What do you want to call your work?", I asked

"I want to call it... I want to call it... What I should call it mummy?"

"What were you thinking of when you did the collage?"

"I was thinking it is beautiful like this!", she said

"Then lets call it Beautiful like this!" - New art addition to the masterpiece gallery

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