Monday, October 24, 2011

Anjali's reading

The reading routine has sort of grown up on Anjali and she is making good progress. Yesterday, we started on words with four letters. Before we start, she remembers the lesson number, and says "Mummy, yesterday we did number eleven, so today we must do twelve"

She is also starting to get more aware of letter sounds and putting things together. So far the book and time time invested seems to be fine

In the meantime, Ms Lai comments that Anjali's not ereading has improved, thanks to husband, who has grilled Anjali nicely over the last week. I caught Anjali sitting on the rocking chair and saying to Sophia, "See Sophia, what is this note? This is a semi breve. Can you say Semi breve? This is a d etc"

She still has a confusion between b and d. We did the "d" sound yesterday in reading and before starting, she was very apprehensive. "Mummy, I think I cannot do d." I insisted that she try and reminded her that her first "a" and "s" were mirror image writing. When she began, she wrote b instead of d, but s we practices through the reading session, she figured out the d. Now I am waiting to introduce the b, though it wont be for a while yet 

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