Monday, September 26, 2011

A totally ggross conversation: Not to read if you are eating

Sophia is having a cold and we are walking to the library

Sophia: Mummy! Mookushali!

I wipe Sophia's nose with a handkerchief

Anjali: Mummy, you know something?

Me: What?

Anjali: Before you wiped Sophia's nose, I saw a big bubble coming out of it

(I warned you not to read if you were eating)

Me: Right. So you can make bubbles out of other things besides soap

Anjali: Yes, you can make bubbles out of your saliva, like this

And she demonstrates.

I am about to rebuke her when a scene flashes to my mind from about four and a half years ago. Anjali was a new born and Ammu had come to visit her.

Ammu: See amma, she is blowing bubbles

Lakshmipriya aunty: Yes, she is. Its so cute

Ammu: Why when she blows bubbles you say it is so cute and when I blow bubbles daddy scolds me?

I recount this story to Anjali, who ofcourse wants to hear the whole thing with all the details

Anjali: Why babies can blow bubbles and big children cant?

Me: It just doesnt look nice, putting saliva out of your mouth. But babies dont know that it is not nice.

Anjali: But if you let us blow bubbles with saliva, we can learn, we can learn how to blow bubbles with Saliva and explore and do experiments with it

there she goes again, effective use of the two e words!

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