Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the positive side of a bandaged leg

Anjali wanted to go to the playground on Monday. With her kick scooter and two fans. Sophia took a bunch of props - two cups filled with play foam, two bags will fille god only knows what. I suggested her to take her bicycle (the small blue one), as she hardly got a chance to pedal.

It was Sophia's idea to push the bicycle down the slide. I was firmly against it. So was husband. But Anjali, who was practising fan dance with me jumped up to help her sister. To our surprise, they succeeded in getting the cycle up the slide and then down the slide.

I decided to go to the slides. If you cant beat 'em, join 'em.

They practised until they were very good at it - pushing the bicycle up and down the slides. They tried the small slide, the medium sized ones, the tall curving slide, and they tried different versions where the bicycle went down on one side and Anjali went down on the other.

I remember a post on damomma (who was a great inspiration but unfortunately closed her blog to do more constructive things with her life), where her girl who did gymnastics and danced in nutcrackcer bumped her nose against the door and needed a plastic surgeon. it was that story that I thought of and told Anjali when we were at the clinic for x-ray the next afternoon.

The circus show with the bicycle was over, Sophia had gone around the kids after showing them the various ways in which you could eat a cupcake made of playfoam, Blesse had attempted more than once to eat the playfoam, without much success.

Then Anjali clibed up the slide and walked on the playground platform.

A thud and a scream


I ran up the playground.

"My bones are broken!"

Husband and I knew Anjali's flair for dramatics over small scratches and weren's really worried -not when she asked us to carry her upstairs, and not when she refused ice. over time, the crying subsided and Anjali said "I fell down and I heard a crack and it felt as if my bones were all broken"

But when she had trouble walking from the bedroom to the living room the next day, we knew something was wrong, even though google had said that it was probably a sprain. The doctor put her in bandages and gave instructions not to move the leg much.

On the positive side, that has given Anjali plenty of time to do sitting stuff - like piano, reading and painting, stuff we would be hardpressed to make her do on normal days.

And I finally got the time to plant six new pots of seeds, all from the seeds that i got in Romania.

Message to Bunica: many of the seeds have started sprouting. Unfortunately, i donot know which is which yet.

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