Monday, September 26, 2011

The perks of having a daughter who likes fancy Nancy

This is such a simple girly and messy activity for Playing by the book, and ofcourse husband would be no part in it, other than to exclaim periodically

"This is so girly!" in italics

We were reading Fancy Nancy Bonjour butterfly, where Fancy Nancy stayed in the city Squire motel, and lay down in the bathroom with green gunk on her face and on Marabelle's face.

So we spread a towel on the floor, popped another one over Anjali's hair, stripped her down and covered her with gunk.

I was looking for basan flour, but we didnt have any at home, so i found something else. Ofcourse, the kitchen is so full of gunkable materials. 

I got a bowl full of gunk. Sophia and I sat on either side of Anjali. Sophia had earlier refused to get the spa treatment "When i am big, I will do this!"

We began to put the stuff on Anjali's face

"Mummy, Are you putting Manjal podi on my face?"

"Yup!" Kudos to the sense of smell.

So we put turmeric on the face and most of the body and then wrote stuff on Anjali's body with our fingers using the turmeric as finger paint

"Write Sophia!".. "Write two and then write the letters of two".. "Write I love you"

After which Anjali chose to keep the manjal podi on her face for a while while I threw together some lunch.

She wasnt done though

Extending play

One day they are running naked through the house and the next day they are asking questions like

"Mummy, boys cant see me without a shirt only girls can see me without a shirt right?" or  "Why are your wearing two shirts" (When I wear spagetti strap under a particularly transparent blouse) or "Why we have to wear clothes and animals dont have to wear clothes?" or "Why did God chase out Adam and Eve because they wanted to wear clothes"

Frankly the last one had me quite flummoxed and I often get the sensation that i am tying myself into increasingly complicated knots.

So she comes into the kitchen as I am stirring the risotto.

"Mummy, can you give me some manjal podi, I want to sprinke them over these shells so that they look beautiful"

Earlier in the week, Anjali and Sophia and husband had painted a bunch of little seashells. I put the seashells into a coconut shell and Sophia had ignored my suggestion of leaving it in the nature table and had left it in the Ganesha altar. Now Anjali wanted to sprinkle turneric on them.

I gave it to her

"And some water please?"

And before I knew it, the seashells were ignored (I slipped them back to the Ganesha table) and there was a puddle of yellow water on the floor.

"Mummy, can I have some more manjal podi? without any water?"

"Why?" I ask

"Because I am doing an experiment"

Anjali has figured out that if she says the word experiment or explore, i would be open to almost anything.

I dont quite know what happened to the manjal podi, but she came in again in a couple of minutes requesting green paint

"Green paint or blue paint?" I asked

"Green paint for painting", she says, "And blue paint for the experiment"

So naturally, we ended up with blue paint in the yellow water

"When I added a bit of blue, it is light green and when I added a lot it became dark green"

And then she began to do a horizontal rolling kind of dance to the tune of bare necessities

"This is so much fun! We should do this everyday"

"Ok", I said, trying to be non committal and encouraging at the same time

"But we can only do it on Saturday and Sunday. On other days we have to go to school", she went on

"Why dont you do it after school?", I asked

"But patti wont let us do this", she pouted

"Why not?"

"Because patti is a ..."

I didnt quite catch the last part so I asked her to repeat it

"Because patti is a blew plew!"

And then she made me sing a whole new world and looby loo for doing the wierd splatter on the puddle on the floor dance.

And then i dragged her into the bath and washed her hair

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