Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Husband's experiment with smoked fish

We have an oven which switches off after its timer runs out. So it can be turned on for a maximum of one hour. This is an excellent idea for safety, but is not so good when you want to make things like rice pudding, where you have to cook the rice for about three hours for the milk to thicken. Still, it was just a matter of staying around and resetting the timer after an hour.

Then husband told me that he wanted to experiment with leaving a piece of salmon in the oven overnight to smoke. In theory, it was a wonderful idea, but was he planning to get up on the hour to reset the timer? Note: I wouldnt put it past husband.

Finally, he decided to try the experiment during the day. What with Anjali's leg and everything, I didnt give it much thought until I asked him in the evening.

"It was not so good. More like smoked jerkin - too dry and too salty"

"Did you eat it? ", I asked

"I ate most of it" he said "The girls took a nibble each"

"Mummy", said Sophia. "It was so good that i cant believe my eyes. I want to eat and eat it all up"

Husband was rather indignant. But I asked her

"Then why did you take only a nibble?"

"Because daddy made it and he ate it all up and give me onuly a little bit"

Given that she is such a vegetarian, it is not much of a stretch to figure out whose side of the story to believe, but I am impressed with her story nevertheless. 

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