Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Day in the life

Anjali gets up in the morning, gulps down a pathetic excuse for a breakfast and hounds husband

"Daddy! Let bobby out!"

The hounding continues until either we give in or until the girls tgive in and eat a passable excuse for food.

Not that they lack options. Five star buffets would be ashamed before the choices bunica puts in front of the girls - eggs - cooked differently each day, bread with three different kinds of homemade jam, three different kinds of juices, two different kinds of cheese, and chocolate milk

But somehow, the dog is more appealing.

The kids stay im the garden up to well past 2pm, pausing only to sneak a bit of lunch. Husband and I roam around, alternatingly steeping back or stimulating the play. Today, I plucked a bunch of plums from the trees and cut them up, feeding the girls as they played.

The number of plums they ate highly improved their digestive system.

The first peach on the tree was ripe. We ate that as as we felt around for a second peach, saw two ladybugs doing unspeakable things on a third peach. We plucked a second peach and took the ladybirds for observation.

The girls took a bath and husband and I tried to make them sleep. It was no go with the nap, but they drank some milo and went right back to the dog and the garden.

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