Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday with the girls

"Horse riding has no future as a career", says husband "unless you have a ranch or something"

But that doesnt stop him from buying pony riding tickets for ten dollars a ticket. Sophia had her first pony ride at the zoo last December, and it six months, she has been on four pony rides. Anjali has been taking the pony rides each time she saw a pony. This has been going on since she was two years old.

We should probably get stock options at Gallop Stables.

The last time the kids were at the zoo and I was in Italy, they went with Smriti to ride the pony. Smriti backed off at the last minute and Anjali went twice. This time, Ananya was all excited to ride the pony, and then the horse moved and she fell off the platform. She wasnt hurt, but got a fair scare, so she didnt want to ride ponies anymore. So Anjali got a second go.

And then the girls (Anjali and Ananya) took cycles to ride. Husband took Sophia in a baby cycle and Swati and I jogged along. I guess neither of us had jogged properly for the last five years (since before the kids). The running left me kind of semi exhausted. I guess the kids were also exhausted, which is probably why they refused to go to sleep in the afternoon after we returned home.

After trying, fairly unsuccessfully for about two hours, and falling asleep while the girls jumped around me pretending to be monsters and lions and other loud creatures and failing to wake me up, I tackled the pasta from scratch project while the girls painted their monster leg bookend.

I knew that the floor would end up all painty, and when Anjali came in asking for more paint, I gave her a nearly empty pot of yellow paint to top the red that was already on the floor. It kind of glossed over my head that the pot was glass. It still didnt sink in while I heard Sophia tapping the bottle on the floor, trying to get the paint out, though I did tell her to use water and to use a brush. And then Sophia moved to another corner of the room and slowly, it went into my brain that her bottle was glass. By the time I rushed over, it was too late. Small shards of glass were all over the floor.

"We will have to stop the paint sliding and clean up", I told Anjali

She took it rather well, better than I would have expected her to

"Can we do it again after cleaning up?"

I plopped them both in the bath and then finished rolling the pasta. The girls spent about an hour in the bathroom, making cotton candy out of bubbles and putting them on each other's hairs to look like Cinderella. Anjali came out first, sat huddled on the kitchen table, wrapped in a towel while I fed her baked apples and finished boiling the pasta.

Sophia came out too and I popped a baked apple in her mouth. She spat it out.

"Want food!", she said, as if I were feeding her rubber or something.

"Want that food! Want pashta!" she said, pointing to the bubbling pasta.

Thankfully, the pasta was done, so we rinsed, put on clothes and ate pasta while reading fancy Nancy's tea party. Sophia finished eating the last morsel of pasta on her plate. I stood up, put the plates in the sink, washed my hands and took a cloth to wipe the girls. By the time I returned to the table, Sophia was curled on the table, fast asleep, her mouth still covered with pasta.

I picked her up and put her on the bed. She didnt wake up till this morning.

Anjali and I sat together and did some pencil drawing out of a book that I had picked up from the library on how to draw. We drew mermaids, witches, hyenas, brides, queens and kings. Anjali's work looks picassoish. Could I sell them on ebay?

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