Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sometimes Anjali can get infuriating

Or perhaps I  get infuriated with Anjali for not enough reason. Here is what happened

tha girls were helping me make bread pudding. Anjali spent five minutes fighting with Sophia about who should use which knife to cut the bread. Then she two of them sorted it out and began to cut the bread.

At this point Anjali threw the towel on the project. Question: What do you do when your kid throws the towel on a project? How do you explain to her that things that get started must be finished?

So Anjali broke an egg and then sat on top of the kitchen counter to watch while Sophia continued with the mixing and the adding and the pouring.

"Can I dink this?" she asked, indicating the batter consisting of eggs, milk, cinnamon and oil.

"Nope", I said. "But you can lick the batter pot clean"

"I want to lick the batter pot", said Anjali

"Anjali", i said, losing patience "You are like the animals in the red hen story"

".. And then the hen asked 'Who wants to eat my bread' and all the animals said 'We will', But the hen ate the bread by herself", I finished the story. "When I ask "Who wants to put the cinnamon? And who wants to mix the batter", you say "I dont', but you want to lick the batter?"

Anjali laughed and then said "But I helped you to cut the bread"

Shit! That girl's too observant!

Sophia poured the batter over the bread and we set it in the oven. The girls then settled on the floor to lick the batter pot. However, bread pudding batter pots dont have much in the way of licking.

Anjali decided that pouring milk inside will help. She took the UHT milk pot (empty) and tried to squeeze a few more drops of milk into the batter pot.

When that wasnt sufficient, she took the fresh milk box from the counter.

I pounced.

"You cant pour fresh milk around. Its too expensive"

"But we want more batter"

I poured out a tiny amount of milk in a tumbler

"What?" she said "That so little"

"You finish that, and then I will give you more"

Ofcourse, five minutes later Anjali was in the bed room, chatting with husband

I walked by the kitchen

"Anjali, why is there still fresh milk in the pot? Why are you wasting it?"

"I am not wasting it. Sophia is drinking it"

Sophia was in the living room dancing, but followed us to the kitchen as I made to clean up.

"No! I'm still dinking!"

Five minutes later, Sophia came to the bedroom

"Mummy, there is no more milk. I finished the milk"

As Sophia threw a tantrum over getting washed (something about Anjali not getting water from the correct tap for Sophia to wash her hands), I handed Anjali a wet nappy cloth

"Can you take this and wipe the floor please? ", I asked

She did it quite cheerfully, making me feel even more inadequate for telling her off

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