Monday, July 4, 2011

On the lunchbox today

Yesterday I made pasta. As in I made pasta. I didnt buy pasta from NTUC and toss it in boiling water, I kneaded (tossed into bread machine) the flour, rolled it out and made it into noodles. After about an hour of slaving over the rolling pin, I got something that passed off as pasta, and didnt taste too bad, but the consensus was that it had to be thinner. Ofcourse, I served it with a very light dressing of spinach and garlic, which meant that there was a decent amount of left over.

I meant to recycle the pasta with tomato sauce this morning, but when the sauce was bubbling, I realized that there was not enough pasta left over to make a meal for three. So it was down to the old backup - chop onions and mushroom, add rice and dump tomato sauce on top. Top the whole thing with mozerella cheese and cook. The modified risotto turned out pretty well, I think, atleast for my tastebuds.

We have a huge pile of shop bread at home. For a household that makes its own bread, we still have a huge amount of shop bread. Mostly, I am to blame. The kids still prefer shop bread over homemade, though they are extremely happy to make the bread, so I buy bread especially for sunday outing sandwiches. And then the remaining bread gets fed to the birds.

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