Monday, July 18, 2011

A kids guide to Sentosa

Oftentimes, when we visit something, we move from attraction to attraction making sure everything is covered, without really stopping to enjoy. Ofcourse there is limited time and we want to see everything, but life is long and we could come back again.

So when we went to Sentosa, the girls spent close to an hour exploring this

Anjali wanted to go to the butterfly park, and to the luge and to the segway. Husband and I felt that the segway would be boring, and we went on the luge

I guess that the kids enjoyed that, as Sophia said when i was showng her the pictures (she could remember luge).

"We are putting the thing on our head to go on that thing"

"What thing?"

"The thing where I sit in fyont and daddy sits behind and we yide!"

We had never been to the animal encounters after so many times of being to Sentosa, and I was surprised to see how good it was. Sophia got all excited when the monkey rode up on the bicycle, but didnt quite understand it when the commentator wanted the money to wave goodbye, and the monkey showed us his bottom

"Why the monkey is not saying goodbye mummy?"

Anjali volunteered straight out to feed the Macaw.

And the kids had a go at touching the python

Ofcourse, the most fun of all was this

And the romp in the sea that followed.

I had found an amazing recipe for stuffed pitas that I packed for lunch and was feeding the girls while they watched the animals. Sophia crashed in our arms on the way back and slept through the night.

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