Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun with tots at the library

We have been attending fun with tots at Jurong library for close to three years. When Anjali was a kid, it was a nice place to take the children when we had a tantrumy toddler and an infant. By six months, Sophia was really playing in the library and paying attention to fun with tots. Then Anjali grew up and we went less frequently for the sessions.

Recently, Sophia has been hankering after her own class and we have put her in ballet and have taken her for fun with tots. More than anything, going for the fun with tots gives us a chance to research and borrow library books. So no complaints until now.

But I would have thought that the librarians would think that most parents would know how to sing Old Mac Donald without the aid of an you tube video. Yesterday's fun with tots was so full of you tube videos that I was getting fairly frustrated by it. And then i almost sighed with relief when the computer coughed up and began to act wierdly.

It was fairly amusing, that once the computer coughed up, the librarian was unable to conduct the activities planned. This brings me to the question, why do presenters rely so much on audio visual materials that when they fail us, we cannot convey our point properly? After all, wasnt it us who actually put the AV stuff together?

Dont get me wrong here, the librarian had put a good bit of time and effort into her material and there were some fairly interesting content there, like the proper way to sing ABC so that the letters are emphasized and the phonics way of singing a is for apple ae ae apple . But isnt the whole point of learning to make sensoe of the blooming, buzzing world?

In any case, I got a Narnia book and a couple of other fun/interesting/scary books, so I think we are ok. Sophia is still on about scary stories. Last evening, we picked up King Bigdoot's in the bath by Audrey wood. Both girls said that the cover looked like Heckedy peg and expected a scare, but the story was just funny and didnt meet expectations. In the end we read "There is an alligator under my bed", which was also not very scary

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