Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anjali's game

"Let us play princess and castles", says Anjali

Sapna and Sneha had come to play

"How to play?", asks Sapna

"One person had to be the castle"

"I will be the castle", says Sapna

"One person must be the monkey"

No one volunteered

"I will be the monkey", I said

"Everybody else is the princess. The monkey must stand behind the castle. "

All of us took our positions

"When the castle sleeps, the monkey must catch everyone who is not sleeping"

I thought that was the beginnings of a very interesting game. Ofcourse, there were minor glitches. When the monkey caught Anjali she didnt want to be the monkey, so she became the castle and the castle became the monkey. When the monkey caught Sophia, she didnt want to become anything and began to cry.

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