Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What to do with the worms

Anjali thought it would be a good idea to take the millipedes and make them crawl all over her.

"I alsho want!" said Sophia, who tends to copy everything Anjali does. "I want to take a baby woym on my finger!"

 And so it happened that all the children in sisters island were carrying worms on their fingers. They drew pictures of themselves carrying worms on their fingers. Shree Valli found a hermit crab, husband found a bigger one and we were surrounded by wildlife.

Some people said they saw two snakes

Well, when it was time to leave Anjali said

"Mummy, can I take the worm home?"

Since the time at the bird park, when she took the beetle larvae home, she has been after us to get her more worms. We did try the fish shop, but they refused to sell us a small number of worms for pets saying that once the worms get on the furniture, thats that.

"No Anjali", I said. "You cant take the worm home"

"Why not? I want to take it home"

I made up some story about the worm having family and wanting to go to office and if we took it home how could it get to office?

"But mummy...", she said, in that voice of hers which she uses when she is stating the obvious, but mummy is too stupid to pick it up, "The worm needs a holiday!"

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