Monday, June 6, 2011

Things Anjali says and does that make us laugh and makes us exasperated

"Daddy!" she said "Why you dont look like you anymore?"

Husband had just had a haircut

"Only Anjali noticed", said husband. The last time he had had a haircut, none of us noticed for about three days


We were watching Maya Ravan on the computer. Ofcourse, I had missed the stage show.

"Did Rama kill Ravan in the show by cutting off his head one by one?" I asked.

"No mummy", said Anjali. "Rama just touched Ravana and Ravana fell down and then Ravana ran back on the stage and gave CDs to everyone"


I was talking to husband, and the girls were doing monkey business on the bed.

Anjali was trying to tell me something which I was half answering.



She stamped on me.

I spanked her and walked out.

She pushed me to patti's room

"Mummy go to time out"

I stayed in the room for a few minutes with Sophia and then came out.

Anjali was curled up near the bookshelf, looking stony.

"You go to time out" (In a very high pitched voice). She tried to push me back into Patti's room

"Why did you step on me Anjali? It hurts"

" Because I wanted to talk to you!" (High voice)

"Then why didnt you just call me?"

"I called you. I called you TWENTY times!"

Husband took her in and had a rather long talk with her to calm her down, after which she apologized. 

Having a four year old brings a new set of challenges. Suddenly, it is not as simple as having a set of activities to keep the children busy and to keep them occupied. Suddenly it is about changing their mode of play to work mode in a sneaky fashion. Suddenly it is about making children emotionally stable, to be sure that they can distinguish between right and wrong, and all the shades of grey in between, to make sure that they have the courage to admit their mistakes to themselves and to say sorry, and also to not take their sorry lightly.

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