Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The story of Sophia's hand

Vishnu came to spend a couple of days, since the kids are having holidays. Sometime in the evening he called and said

"Sophia is saying that her left hand is hurting"

Upon enquiry, I understood that probably Vishnu had carried her in an awkward position. When i went home, the kid was sitting in patti's lap, holding her left hand absolutely rigid and crying each time anyone tried to lift it.

"Maybe you should take her to the doctor", said patti

I looked at husband

"She is being a drama queen", he said.

So Vishnu wanted pepsi and i wanted to get cornstarch and baking soda for the water color experiment. So we all went to the downstairs shop, with Sophia still refusing to lift her left hand. She held a grissini in her right hand and was munching it.

We went in the lift. "I want to press the button"

And she gave me the grissini to hold and used her right hand to press the lift button.

I ate up the grissini.

She finished pressing the button and turned around, whereupon I realized that she had given me the grissini to hold and not to eat. i tried to swallow it as fast as possible.

Sophia looked at my right hand. No grissini

She looked at my left hand. No grissini.

She began to cry.

Luckilly the lift reached the first floor and I managed to distract her.

Then we went to the shop. I picked up the baking soda and handed it to Sophia. She took it in her right hand.

Then I picked up the corn flour and handed it to her.

"I cannot hold it", she said.

"Keep it in your other hand", i said

"I cannot. It is huyting"

So she gave me the baking soda and held the corn flour with her right hand.

Anjali convinced husband to buy her a pack of m&ms.

So we converged in the playground - Anjali, sophia and Kiran, to eat the m&m.

"Sophia, show me your hand", says Anjali

Sophia sticks out her right hand. Anjali drops an m&m in it.

"Sophia, show Anjali your other hand for another m&m", I said.

"I cannot!" she said. "its huyting!"

So i took her on my lap

"Right. Lets pretend you are a four month old baby. Four month old babies always reach out for things with their hands" I grabbed the plastic thing from the m&m and started waving it in front of her. She reached for it fine

With both hands.

Then we took some sticks and played numbers and houses and Sophia used both hands to put Kusha and Lava and Rama and Sita in her stick house.

And Kiran did some fancy arithmetic with the sticks.

And then Sophia carried all the sticks - there were atleast fifteen of them and some were pretty thick, with her left hand and marched to the lift lobby.

The girls came back home and helped me to harvest the beansprouts from the frying pan.

Then Sophia used both her hands to put tissue paper all over Anjali's head ("I am wiping Anjali's hayr. Its wet!")

Then the girls dressed in princess clothes, put on my fake long hair and played about an hour pretending to be princesses before going to sleep.

P.S. I notice that Anjali plays piano with a lot more enthusiasm if she wears a princess dress and has princess hair. hmmm. 

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