Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mayur Felix Wartmann: How children sometimes make us laugh with their unfaltering logic and ability to make associations

I was showing husband the photos of Mangala's new baby on facebook. "Mayur Felix Wartmann", I said to husband, clicking the forward buttons.

"Can I see mummy?", asked Anjali, who was doing some coloring on the floor with Sophia.

"Ok", I said. She came over and peered at the screen.

"Wow! Why the baby is so new born?"

"Because he is only four days old"

"Why his eyes are closed when he is taking a bath?"

"Because small babies sleep a lot Anjali. Sometimes they even sleep in the bath because the warm water makes them comfortable. You and Sophia also used to do this"

She considered. "His eyes are open now!", she said "Why his parents are calling him Warthog?"

She and Sophia have just watched the Lion King.

I didnt understand for a moment.

"Not Warthog, Wartmann"

"Why they are calling him Wartmann?"

"Because his daddy's name is Wartmann. Like your daddy's name is Curic. So you and Sophia are called Curic"

"What is his real name?"

"Mayur Felix"

"What does it mean?" She asked.

"I think Mayur means peacock and Felix means luck"

"Oh. Thats nice."

Welcome to the world Mayur Felix


  1. i just saw this! how cute :)

  2. Anjali cut up Mayu's photo card that you guys sent and pasted it on the wall, and there it still stays. She refuses to let me take it down.


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