Monday, June 27, 2011

Kids dragging us shopping

I wanted to go to popular on Friday evening to get paints and such supplies. Husband and the girls went along.

"First, lets go to Tom and Stefanie and then we can go to popular", said Anjali.

"Why do we need to go to Tom and Stefanie?" I asked

"There are beautiful dresses there", she replied.

So we went to Tom and Stefanie and looked at the beautiful dresses.

"Can we buy this? Can we buy that? Its so sprinkly! Its so sparkly!", both girls said, pulling clothes off the racks. Each dress was more outrageous than the previous one, and the clothes got less and less sensible.

"Remind me again why this is educational or enriching?", asked husband, while I parried the requests for clothes by saying that we would buy these clothes for their next birthdays.

It didnt stop there. After we finally got to popular and browsed for stationary (we finished at 9pm), paid and went out, Anjali says

"Mummy, please please can we go to Bata and look at the shoes?"

"Lets take the elevator". Husband said

"Well, she wants to look at shoes", I said. After all, it was 9pm, and most shops closed at nine.

It turned out that bata was not one of those shops which closed at nine.

Anjali was hankering after high heel shoes. Sophia wanted sparkly shoes. In my opinion, neither of them needed shoes, their old ones were perfectly fine. But try telling that to girls who are completely obsessed about fashion.

After they had tried about fifty different pairs like the high heeled princess shoes (Husband and I said no because they had no straps) and the high heeled princess shoes with straps (We said no because they had high heels and clicked and clacked when Anjali walked) and the sprinkly shoes for Sophia (which had no grip), a nice canvas one that husband picked out (and both girls didnt like because it was totally plain)

between the two of them, they made the sales assistant go to the back room about a hundred times, asking for different sizes while I plotted the best way to go out of the shop without buying anything.

"The shoes here are not suitable. Why dont we come back another day?"

Three sets of faces fell simultaneously, for different reasons. Anjali was the first one to put a brave face.

"Ok mummy. We will come back another day". I really admire that girl for her sense of stoicness

Husband, on the other hand, had had enough.

"I am not going through this again!", he exclaimed, as though he was seriously believing that it wont happen again. "Anjali, why dont you buy these shoes", he said, holding out a pair of seriously pretty shoes with colorful beads on the straps.

Anjali liked them (thankfully) and so did I.

"Sophia, why dont you buy these shoes?", he asked, holding a pink pair.

"No. They are not sparkly"

"They are. Look here"

"they are not sparkly over here", she indicated the tiniest corner of the strap.

We found a pair that were sparkly in the tiniest corner of the strap and paid for the shoes, while the sales assistant sighed with relief.

"can you buy me high heeled shoes when I am five years old mummy?" asked Anjali

"When you are eight", I said firmly


"Because I had my first high heeled shoes when I was eight". I didnt tell her what a disaster those shoes were and how it was my last high heeled shoe and how it put me off the idea of high heeled shoes for the next twenty years.

"When i am six?"

"Eight.", I repeated.

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