Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At the playground: A play in 3 acts

Act 1:

Mummy: Lets go to the playground

Sophia: Mummy. Take off my kolushu

Anjali: Mummy, can you tie my hair?

Mummy ties Anjali's hair.

Anjali: Not like this. Can you tie my hair straight?

Mummy ties Anjali's hair again.

Anjali: No. Its not straight. (She bursts into tears)

Sophia: Mummy, can you take ogg my kolushu and put on me this dyess?

She hands the dress to mummy and runs away to the other corner of the bedroom.

Mummy: Sophia...

She runs to the opposite corner

Mummy : Sophia...

Sophia: You put on me this dyess ok?

Anjali is still throwing a tantrum

Sophia makes yet another lap of the bed room.

Mummy loses patience

Mummy: I am going to count to 10. if you are not dressed and ready, you are not going to the playground. One...

Sophia comes running.

Mummy: Two

Sophia puts on her dress

Mummy: Three, four

Sophia puts her pants

Mummy: Five. Sophia is done. Anjali, give me your rubber band

Anjali hands me her rubber band, which she has chewed until it is yucky and full of saliva

Mummy: Yuck. Go get another rubber band. Six.

Anjali: Dont count mummy

But she gets up and runs, bringing back her rubber band box out of which she unearths a green rubberband.

Mummy: Seven (wrapping one time around her hair) Eight (another wrap) Nine. There. you are done

Act 2.

In the swings

Sophia plays on the swings and Anjali clibs the lamp-post. She is really good, and can climb upto three or four meters high

Naveen comes over to play. Daddy comes jogging.

Sophia: I want to yun with you daddy

Anjali: I also want to run. Mummy, come.

Daddy: lets run around the playground.

Anjali runs and leaves us all in the dust, overtaking us by around 2 laps.

Daddy goes off to jog and Anjali, Navin and Sophia play in the playground.

Sophia and Navin have a fight

Sophia: I want to drive the cay

Navin: No I drive the car

Sophia begins to cry

Anjali monkeys over to Navin

Anjali: Can you let her drive? She is smaller than you.

Navin: Only boys can drive the car.

Anjali: No. Girls also can drive. You know, I saw some girls driving the taxis. And girls can also drive. Can you let her drive?

Navin lets Sophia to drive

Mummy: Anjali, can you watch over Sophia while I do some exercises?

Anjali: Ok.

I do a couple of sets of Surya Namaskar when the girls join me.

Mummy: Who wants to do Surya Namaskar with me? I can do ten times

Anjali: I can do twenty times

Sophia; I can do one time onuly

Navin: I can do fivety times

Mummy leads the children with the exercises. Sophia does three times, Navin does twice, Anjali goes on for five times

Anjali: mummy, can I go now and do my own monkey business?

Mummy: Ok.

The girls continue their monkey business, Navin goes home and mummy finishes exercising.

Act 3: Daddy comes back

Daddy comes back from jogging

Daddy: Give me the keys, I want to go home

Anjali: Daddy, can you do slide climbing?

The girls and daddy climb up the slide (which mummy finds out is the daily after school routine)

Sophia: Daddy, you are yucky smelly

Anjali: Daddy, you are a warthog

Daddy: i am a warthog

Mummy: When you were a young warthog!


Anjali: Mummy, One day I want to go to the warthogs and see how they stink.

Anjali showed daddy how she climbs the lamppost

Mummy: She can have a career as a coconut plucker.

Daddy goes home so that he can stop being a warthog.

Sophia and Anjali sit a while in the swings and then go home

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