Thursday, June 16, 2011

Around our home

Its time for another (pictureless) roundup of stuff that has been happening

1. The girls and I sowed green lentils in soil on an old frying pan. the idea is for it to sprout so that we could make sproud pasta/ salad or some such thing.
2. Inspired by the crafty crow's book and a craft series, we tried pounding flowers to paint on our paper. Sophia was the one who pounded the flowers. We made a cool racket that the downstairs people came to complain, after which we put a book under the pounder to make it softer. Anjali spent the time putting the flowers on her hair and behind her ears and checking herself in the mirror. After we finished the painting, Sophia asked me to hang her painting on the wall. We'll put up a photo sometime. We should try this in Romania when we are there, I can see a lot of scope for bunica's flowers
3. We made pumpkin pudding
4. We got married. i was the groom and Anjali and Sophia, both with the princess dresses were my two brides and usband was the priest. I said "With my hand, I will lift thy sorrow". And Anjali said "With my leg I will stamp on the floor" and Sophia said "With my hands I will clap". Then I said "Your cup will never be empty for I will be your milk" and Anjali said "My cupboard will never be empty" and husband said "because you will ask your husband will buy you lots of clothes" and Anjali said "yes"
5. We were supposed to make a everblooming tree, but the branch I had picked out for it and left in the garden had mysteriously disappeared.

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