Monday, June 20, 2011

Anajli's resolution

It can only be called a milestone

or it can be called extreme stubbornness or will power or whatever it may be

Husband and I took the girls to Ikea. The idea was to buy a new bookcase. i was getting a bit tired of putting all our books in copy paper boxes. husband had gotten tired of the idea ages ago and was basically humoring my recycling and DIY efforts. So we finally made it to ikea and got a Billy bookcase.

The reading corner looks really nice now. All it needs is a couple of overstuffed chairs and we are great. Now - thats something to look into.

A side anecdote was Anjali's resolution. The girls explored ikea and landed, quite predictably at the kids room. I think it is more Dheeraj's fault than anything, but Anjali has been hankering after a double decker bed. So after the girls spent about an hour playing and climbing on the double decker beds in ikea, they naturally wanted one to take home.

Now, I told Anjali that she could have one (We found the most delightful double decker bed with a tent on top), if she could sleep by herself. So she has been sleeping in patti's room the last couple of nights.

Sophia, on the other hand, still wants me to sleep with her. On the first night, she made a big show of getting three stuffed toys to take to her bed, and then lost heart half way, rushed to the kitchen and made a grab for my hand.

"Mummy, you come with me!!", she said.

So, I slept with the girls in patti's room the first night, but there is simply not enough room on that bed for one adult and two kids, so in the middle of the night, when Sophia began to kick, husband picked her up and brought her back to our bedroom.

In the morning, Anjali woke up and asked

"Why didnt you leave Sophia in patti's room and slip away?"

I made up some story about her coming to the bedroom at night, because she cried

On Sunday, Anjali was overheard telling Sophia

"Today, you must sleep in patti's room with me ok?"

"No. want mummy!"

"If you sleep with mummy, we will not get a double decker bed"

"No. want double decker bed!"

We will see how this pans out

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