Monday, May 9, 2011

Sophia for mummy

Sophia is getting quite uncontrollable, says patti, with her tantrums.
At night, she quite insists that she should sleep only on patti's lap, not curled up with patti. Patti must sit down. So yesterday after watching Maya Ravan, Anjali went to sleep on the way back, but Sophia was awake till midnight, refusing to go with thattha and refusing to sleep unless she lay down on patti's lap.
COntradictorily, she would hold lava and kusha on her lap and then put them on the floor after a couple of minutes saying that her lap is hurting.
Then she woke up at 5.30 repeating the same story.
"I want to come home", I complained over Skype.  And Sophia said, "why you are cying mummy??"
When when I said that I wasnt  crying, I was just complaining, she said
"Mummy, you come home in the moning mummy"
"I will be home in a few days", I said
"you come home now mummy!", she countered.
Then I had to sign out as husband had work to do.  

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