Monday, May 23, 2011

PTM at school

"I dont have any qualms with Anjali", said Ms Audrey this morning. I had taken the morning off to see Chitra patti off and to meet Ms Audrey. "She works well, and is motivated. But this year, I have noticed that she pays a lot of attention to who she sits with, and ends up talking. So I have to scold her and ask her to pay attention. But when she does her work, she is very absorbed in it, to the point of ignoring everything around her"

"Ms Audrey says that you sometimes dont pay attention in class and talk to your friends. Is that so?"

"Only sometimes I do that", said Anjali. "Other times I pay attention"

I went over her report card with her in the bus. She was pretty satisfied with it.

Then, while walking to patti's house, she went

"Mummy.... I can pay attention, and play and whisper, you know..."

"Really?" I asked. "You can multitask?"

"Yes, I can multitask. Why you didnt tell miss Audrey that I can multitask?"

I didnt. But I sure will, once I get back and get hold of Anjali's notebook

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