Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pretend play with dragons and sharks

I hope that Sophia, when she grows up, does not feel short changed. Anjali was in Art Zone. She had been hankering after art lessons for a while, and Art Zone offers one time lessons, which are very expensive. We requested at Art Zone whether Sophia could sit in to watch, but they didnt let us. It made sense, as they covered a number of drawing techniques in that hour and having a sibling in the room would be a distraction.

I had told Anjali that i would ask whether i could sit in. When both Sophia and I were disallowed, i half expected her to pull out, but she marched to me and said "You go mummy!".

So, husband, Sophia and I went to the indoor playground with all those balls.

Sophia picked up a sheet, climbed the top of the playground and said

"Mummy, you dont come here ok. The baby dyagons are sleeping"

Turned out that each sheet was a baby dragon. There was fire too

"kutti fire!" she said.

I consequently burned my hand in the fire (very imaginative - I know), whereupon Sophia ran to fetch medicine. 

Then she put a number of dragons on a boat and set them in the ocean. There were Sharks there too.

When Sophia had to go and fetch medicine again, she couldnt cross the ocean, because of the sharks

"I will go in the boat ok"

"But there are baby dragons there", I said

"I will go dhently", she said "they will not be chutuney"

IT was amazing how she half convinced herself that there were really sharks over there.

"I can go in the water mummy", she said "I have a swimming suit"

How will the swimming suit protect you from the sharks?

"I have these buttons in my swimming suit"

Husband said that the whole process reminded him of those old movies, where the person says that he will leave for ten minutes and never leaves. Both of us were quite bursting with laughter

A four year old boy came to the indoor playground.

"THat boy is going to take away my baby dyagons mummy!", Sophia kept saying.

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