Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bowled over

Sometimes Anjali bowls me totally over by some of the things she says

Yesterday night, she was very clingy and going "mummy cuddle!". I had, for my part, been a little hard on her all day, pushing her to do things by herself, asking her to put on her own shoes and eat her own cereal ignoring her tantrums of "Mummy put shoes" and "mummy feed cereal"

At night, close to 11.30, I lost my patience. Lights out was an hour ago, and the girls were alternately going for this, that or something else. First Sophia wanted Rama Sita story and Anjali wanted Narnia. As a result, they both got a very Indianized version of Narnia. Then Sophia wanted another Rama, Sita story. After that Sophia's thoppai was hurting (Ever since Smriti came, Sophia has been taking after her and complaining of thoppai hurting, in the same accent that Smriti does. To top it all off, she has been having a flu and fever, and thoppai hurting and husband had taken her to the doctor to get gastric medicine). It turned out, however, that she was just hungry. So she had a few mouthfuls of bread. I returned the plates to the kitchen and asked the girls if they wanted anything.

"I want water", says Anjali. I handed her the bottle.

"I want water", says Sophia. I handed her the bottle also.

"I dont want this water. I want styaw water, I want the pincess water bottle with a straw"

I opened my mouth to argue, looked at the clock, and asked husband to get the princess water bottle.

Then we settled in bed again. Five minutes later

"thoppai is huyting"

So we gave her some of the thoppai medicine, not because we believed that she was hurting, but mostly to make her sleep.

Then Anjali began to start another set of "Mummy, cuddle time. Mummy sit down cuddle time"

Both girls had had their afternoon nap very late and as a consequence didnt want to go to bed early.

"Ok Anjali", I said, snapping finally "You say you want a baby brother or baby sister, and that you want a dog like Frenchy and how are you going to take care of them if you end up whining like this?"

"Ok", said Anjali, quite meekly.

Two seconds later

"Mummy, tomorrow I will try to not be like that ok?", she asked, her voice trembling, upon which she burst into tears.

I know that Anjali needed that talking to, but why do I feel like a big bully?

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