Friday, April 29, 2011

Why we ended up eating tiramisu at pasta mania

We went to west mall library. Sandhya was back home yesterday and, in favor of spending time with her, we forewent the trip to fun with tots, opting to get our books from West mall instead.

So we got the books and Anjali said

"Mummy, I am thirsty"

"I didnt bring water. Do you want me to get Soya milk? after we finish with the library?"

"But you said that the soya milk shop is closed" (I had told her that when she had asked for soy milk before leaving patti's house)

"You are right. We'll get you a drink from bread talk"

"I want cheeshe byead!", says the other imp who had had the hankering for a couple of hours

So we got on the escalator

"I am so thirsty that I cant breathe!" exclaimed Anjali.

Then we passed by the painting shop and the girls spent so much time oohing about the vairous images

"I thought you said you were thirsty" I asked

"Yes. I am thirsty. I am so thirsty that i cant breathe"

"You cant breathe, but you can dance around the painting shop?"

Oops. Gotcha "I am so thirsty, I cant breathe, I cant walk, I cant talk"


"Can you give me something to drink?"

So we went to pasta mania. Ofcourse they didnt have cheese bread there, so we got orange juice for Anjali and the thing that looked somewhat cheesy - tiramisu, for Sophia, who finished the whole portion.

It was ten at night

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