Friday, April 8, 2011

Stuck in a rut

After having been an avid fiction reader for twenty years, I am afraid to say that I am stuck in a rut. it is, I guess partly JK Rowling's fault. Either that, or I have passed the phase where I can be moved by things. Its not that i havent been reading. Why, since the start of this year alone, I have read all the Percy Jackson books, all the hunger games books, A couple of good fiction - Khalid Hosseini, Ken Follet... Books that have had a high rating in Amazon - mind you. And I am subscribing to good reads.

Not to say that these books arent good, just today, i finished Shadow of the wind - which was fairly original, and pretty well written. However, it seems to say that there are only so many ideas in the world. The rest are just combinations. And many of the books, though enjoyable when we read them, fail to move - are just another blip in the entertainment radar.

Husband says that he dislikes books where the author makes sensational things happen every couple of pages - just to get it moving. He said this when we read Six suspects by Vikas Swarup last year. I liked it - somewhat. He didnt and didnt want to finish the book.

Sensational things didnt happen at every page in, say, Charlotte's web, which did end up making me cry. 
Any recommendations of books that truly move?


  1. i liked six suspects too :) Adrian uncle has very high standards! oh and if u have the percy jackson books, could i borrow them from u pls? Thanks!

  2. He has high standards. Nope. i dont have the percy jackson books - got them off the library


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