Monday, April 11, 2011

Sibling rivalry sometimes drives you a bit mad and other occasions of go away

You would have thought that after two years they would have gotten used to each other. But the rivalry still manifests and at times it does drive me rather crazy.


Sophia: Mummy thoppai!
Anjali curles up at my side and puts her head on my shoulders, arms around my neck.
Sophia: Want full thoppai!!
Me: I do have a lot of thoppai you know. There is enough to go around for both of you.
Sophia (who obviously doesnt get the self depreciating remark): Mummy thoppai! want Anjali hand to go away!

Husband and I maintain that they can argue about it fr as long as they want until one of them starts crying. Then the one who cries will be whisked away (by husband) to patti's room. We have never had to implement the resort.

At the center during IEP Sophia crawled on my lap and pushed Anjali, who was sitting there first, away.

Anjali: Sophia, you sit on this side, i sit on that side. Lets share. ok?
Sophia: No. Go away Anjali!

I appears cute since she is barely two. But at some time I will have to put my foot down.

She hurt her knee during IEP. Apparently one of the girls (Anushka, according to Sophia) tried to carry her, but something happened and Sophia ended up with a scraped knee.

In the evening, she sat on my lap.

She: "Ish still huyting mummy!"

Me: "Its ok"

She: Ish not getting bettey

Me: It will get better soon.

She (quite in tears): I want it to go away! Go away oua!


We were playing frogs this morning after Anjali went to school. I took a couple of frog pellets that she had obviously left for hers to surreptitiously feed my frog. She noticed. All the frog pellets landed all over the floor.

"No. Want lot"

Full tantrum position with feet kicking on the floor.

"Want lot of balls! go away mummy!"

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