Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More negotiations

Anjali was playing Go tell Aunt Rhody on the keyboard. She played one line

I moved my finger to the next line.

"One day one line is enough mummy"

"Then play for yesterday one line. you were too busy celebrating your birthday yesterday and you didnt practice"

She hesitated. "One line for today and one line for tomorrow. Ok?"


She made to get up from the chair


"I will play tomorrow's line tomorrow!"

"Why not try today, you may forget tomorrow while you are doing other things, and this will make up for it"

And then she played


  1. Hahaha...aren't you trying the Amy Chua - Tiger mother - method - Sit and practice for the next hour Anjali - you cannot visit the bathroom or eat food until you finish playing the whole piece! - Swati

  2. The games methods still work better

  3. What's the games method?


  4. To play games while practicing. You get one point if you play the low keys, i get two points if I play the high keys - stuff like that..


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