Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mommy ramblings

Anjali has to play at the cristofori mini concert. She has selected Mary had a little lamb to play, along with another unknown piece. The concert is in four weeks. Patti says that she ought to practice, otherwwise she might forget her lines like what happened on Sunday

Anjali was supposed to say Thy golden light in the center with Ananya and Sophia. The children were on stage. Anjali took her mike

Sophia: Thy golden light came down into by bain

Anjali: Oo ah ah oo

It took us about three tries to get her to talk and finish her lines.

I was quite amazed, as this was not something I had expected from her. Later husband and I took her aside to ask what had happened. After much deliberating, she said

"I forgot my lines mummy"

I dont quite know what to say. It is hard for me to believe that Anjali would deliberately make a fool of herself in front of the audience, after spending all that time getting ready. After all, just that afternoon, she had said

"Mummy, we must wear this necklace this evening when we say thy golden light, so we must thread it now", handing to me a pack of beads. 

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