Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lots of things done

I love the frugalfamilyfunblog.com. We did a ton of activities yesterday, all inspired from them.

1. Giant bubbles: Admittedly, the bubbles that we produced werent as good as the ones they had on the website, though they used glycerin and we didnt. What I had instead was shampoo and water. The bubble wand using straws was a great idea and both Anjali and Sophia had a go at producing huge bubbles and trying to burst them

2. The sticker peacock. I have a photo of this which i will put up. Anjali drew the body of the peacock, I drew the lines and she and I and Sophia (a bit) stuck the note stickers that I had bought ages ago while still doing glenn doman to the lines in the peacock. Then Anjali colored them using markers.

3. A present for Ananya for Deepika's birthday party. Ofcourse, Anjali chose what the present was to be, and I got to work on it in the morning. Only the basic work on it is done and more to be done tomorrow. She also chose a totally unimplementable mickey mouse doll for Deepika, and I have no clue how to make a mickey mouse doll.  So I have to convince her to choose something that I can make.

4. A blue heart for Kiran: Kiran has done a flip around on the red and blue heart game and now only wants blue hearts. So I drew him a blue heart for Anjali to take this morning as a bribe for him to learn his poem for the April 24th concert. It works. he recited the poem. twice! and got the blue heart in exchange

5. The soyouthinkyouarecrafty.com inspired activity book is getting along, slowly but strongly. I have gotten the base setup for the pockets and have started the sewing. Ofcourse, i am planning the thing to make sure that there is minimum sewing all around.

6. Kites. Finally, inspired by frugalfamilyfun.com again, i made two A-4 kites this morning when Sophia was transferring pebbles from the shuttle cock to a baking powder box and vice versa, pretending that it was icecream. I have finished making the kites. Whether they will fly or not is anyone's question, but we'll try them out this evening when i return from work.

And ofcourse, we baked bread and made clafoutis and lentil stew. All in all, a lot of work done in one evening. 

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