Wednesday, April 6, 2011

lots of love

I had pencilled a number of threading cards for the children's goody bags. My mutual agreement, Anjali and i had decided to draw pictures of things starting with "A" - Alligators, Angels Aliens, you get the picture...

I was just beginning to outline them with markers when Anjali came up and wanted to do the tracing. With painstaking accuracy, she did the alien and the acorn. However, the crisscrossing wings of the angel proved a challenge.

Husband came along afterwards, and he didnt know which were the ones I had drawn and which Anjali had drawn. He picked up the angel

"What is this? It looks like a spooky ghost"

Anjali got all indignant

"its not a ghost!! I put a lot of love into this"

"Oh I see", said husband, rather mollified. "It is full of love Anjali"

Then I found him taking a lot of time pouring over the drawings to determine which had lots of love in them and which didnt.

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