Monday, April 18, 2011

In the bathroom

How those girls actually ended up there, i have no idea.

Anjali was drawing near the lightbulb lab and Sophia was supposed to be doing the same thing, but there was a tub of water in the bathroom left over after the girls had taken a bath

"Can I put this paper into the water mummy?", Asked Sophia.

"No, you cant. Why dont you draw on it, like Anjali?", i asked, trying to divert her. It was a no go.

"I want to put this paper in the water mummy!"

"Why Sophia?"

"Because I want to mummy"

"Why do you want to?"

"BEcause it will be fun mummy"

"Drawing will also be fun Sophia"

"What does she want to do mummy?", asked Anjali

"She wants to put her paper in the water", I said

"Ok", said Anjali"lets put the paper in the water"

If you cant beat them, join them. So I showed Sophia where the recycled paper was, and she took it back and forth, one by one to Anjali, first making sure she showed it to me.

"Can I use this poem paper?" she asked

How did she know it was the poem paper? Husband says it is print awareness, since poems are in groups of 4 lines and incomplete sentences

"Can I use this?"

It was a lot of husband's go things

"Where did you take it from Sophia?"

"I want to put it in water daddy."

"Where did you take them from?"

"I will take them and Anjali will put them in water and make paper mache"

Husband left his perch and went with Sophia to ensure that she hadnt hit his secret stash of very important go papers.

Then the girls kept at it for a long time, over half an hour.

"Is it ok? My letting them to make paper mache like this?" I asked husband

"Its fine. they learn a lot of stuff by making paper mache"

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