Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I cyed becaushe

Sophia threw several tantrums on Anjali's birthday. After the third tantrum, I took her in the bed room, locked the door, got husband to stay with Anjali and kept her in my arms until she subsides, then got her to tell me what was the problem. The problem was that she wanted her own birthday cake.

After she had gotten it out, she was better and played fine. Here are some of the things Sophia wants and cant get

"I want to stay with Anjali in school!!!"

Well she couldn't and we were registering her. She played happily in the office while we finished the registration formalities, playing in the rocking horse, pulling the baby chair, running all over the office, enticing sweets out of the staff.

Then she realized that she was still going home with us.

"I want to go to school!"

"You can go next year."

"I want to go to school now!!!"

"Physically, she is eligible. She seems ready for school", says the staff. "Maybe you can send her for the afternoon session from term three. But then she will have to repeat N1 again next year"

This ofcourse is not an option for us. 6 months more of school without any particular gain? No thanks.

But Sophia sniffled and snivelled while husband and i discussed the reasons why we sent Anjali to playgroup at 2 years old and why we are not even considering sending Sophia to playgroup. Then husband said that Sophia learns chinese songs even without going to school, whereupon the lady in question immediately began to sing

"tou fa cian pa shou shou shou"

what ever

Later, after the S cake discussion, I asked Sophia why she cried

"Mummy...", she said. "I thew a tantyum becaushe...becaushe..."

"Why?", I asked her curiously

"Fisht I thew a tantyum becaushe Anjali take aay my blue coloy, then I thew a tantyum becaushe Anjali didnt let me open that thing, then i thew a tantyum becaushe Anjali hitted me"

Well, if she can list down her tantrums in order, i am sure she can work on them

I enjoy very much Friday evenings and other playdate days with kiran and Shreyas, because it is interesting to see the dynamics of development and how the children learn from each other.

Thattha, ofcourse, has a blood pressure when he sees four kids in the house, but I quite enjoy it.

Kiran positively sits for stories about 10 percent of the time, and Anjali takes pleasure in showing her work to Kiran. She invites him to jump on the bed with her.

YEsterday Anjali took the pick up sticks to make a square. Anjali made a square with four sticks.

Kiran took the remaining sticks and started lying them around.

What are you making Kiran?

"I am making a big quire!"

It had six sticks and was a rectangle, but that is just the technicalities

And then the kids were painting with glitter. I had to be extra cautious there because of Anjali's new dress, but they were doing fine. Then Anjali and kiran squabbled over the silver glitter (There were six other tubes on the floor)

"Which color do you want Kiran?"

"I want this color!" (pointing to the one Anjali was holding)

But all in all, the two of them are learning to share and take turns. Guess they are learning. b

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