Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Celebrations for Anjali's birthday

Anjali has had something like fours celebrations for her birthday. Here is how it happened

part 1: Fidgets

Last week: Mummy, lets go to fidgets, please!! We have never been to fidgets in a long time!!

Incidentally Anjali's piano class this week got cancelled, and we decided to take her to fidgets instead. On Saturday, we packed lunch and headed out to Turf city, making a detour to Horse city. The girls are ofcourse fairly cool with the pony riding business. Here is Anjali on the pony

Sophia actually went first on the pony and showed her support for the activity thus : "la la la la laaa laaa"

Then we hit fidgets while husband went shopping to giant (The man takes it easy!) while I had to climb through squeezing contraptions and five storey slides and tunnels multiple times.

Part 2: Walk and brunch cake cutting

Swati: if you are reading this, Ananya's sudoku ball somehow ended up in my handbag. Will pass to you next time we meet. Do tell her.

Of course, Anjali woke up at 6.30 on the day of the walk, despite having slept late because of the ICC cricket match (India Won!!). Girls had matching dresses, Anjali walked four km with patti around the reservoir, Sophia rode on daddy's shoulders most of the time, and four girls (unless you count Ananya having two knives) cut the princess cake. No photos on that one. Anjali wore her white princess dress

Part 3: Celebration at school

At first Anjali was going all out for buying a cake. But we discussed the cake husband made for Sophia and suddenly Anjali remembered the cake with Poseidon that she had picked out when we were doing Sophia's birthday cake

"I want the mermaid birthday cake" (three days before her birthday)

Ofcourse, i lost no time in telling her that she needed to give us a couple of weeks if she wanted birthday cakes like that (one for making the cake and one for mental preparation).

"Can you make me a heart shaped cake with butterflies?"

Until Sunday afternoon, i tried various means of getting her to let me buy a cake from the shop like "Let's buy a birthday cake and make a pudding" to which she would answer

"Lets make a cake and buy a pudding"

Yucks. "anyone can bake a cake, but only mummy can make puddings that daddy likes to eat!"

To which her reply was

"Lets make a cake and a pudding"


on Sunday morning when we were going for the walk, I tried to worm out of it by telling her that we didnt have time to bake a cake! How could we because we had a walk

"Make it this afternoon", she answered. "When we come back from the walk, you hurry up and make it"

I gave up and decided that making the cake was sure to be faster than arguing.

First she wanted vanilla icing, Then I found a recipe for chocolate icing that seemed simple, but she wouldnt have any of it. So we went back to vanilla icing. And here is what we ended up with. Not half bad

On Monday morning, here is what Anjali wore

Here is what Sophia wore!

My heart shape M&M cake in school

All the kids wanted the m&ms. A fair number of takers wanted cake too.

Was Anjali happy? At some level, she felt something else was needed, so on Sunday evening she asked why didnt have a pizza party like Sophia. So we had one - a small one, with just Kiran and Shreyas and patti, but the kids made ad ate pizza, patti got carrot halwa and they had some craft games.

Somewhere in the middle of it all, Sophia had a tantrum of course, and claimed that she wanted a cake with only "S" and no "A", so i sent discrete messages to everyone who would call to speak with Sophia as well.

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