Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bringing up kids is a hard job

We were reading before bed time and finished Julia Donaldson's "fly pigeon fly"

"Now this dora book", said Sophia.

"Ok", I said, picking up the dora book.

"This doya book and then that animal book then sleep ok?", she said happily

I agreed and we finished the dora book. Sophia picked up the animal book.

"Stupid book!", she said.

I was shocked.

"Mummy, Sophia is saying stupid book!", said Anjali

"I heard her." I said, rather flatly.

"You cannot say stupid Sophia. It is a bad word"

"stupid book! stupid book!", said Sophia, quite delighted with herself

"Sophia!", I said, in my most dangerous tone, squatting down. Rule number one in disciplining children, go to their level and look them in the eye. "Who taught you this word?"

"mmm... I learnt by myshelf!"

"Ok. It is a bad word, and I will have to give you a blue heart and put you in time out"

"I learnt by myshelf mummy!", she said proudly and rather puzzled as to why I dont congratulate her on such a great feat, as I generally do when she says a new word. "stupid book! stupid book!"

I carried her to time out. "Ok. you stay there till you are ready to not say bad words"

"Ok!", I havent seen a kid who is so cheerful about going to time out.

About two seconds later she came back to the bedroom. "I came back from time out mummy!"

Husband came in and we were ready to turn out the light. Sophia picked up the book again. "stupid book!"

We took her in the time out room again, came back to the bedroom, turned out the lights.

Sophia had been perfectly happy to go into time out, but came running out crying when we turned off the lights

"Turn on lights! Want thish book! Want thish animal book. please mummy, want thish animal book! please"

That girl uses words to great effect.

I got husband to turn on the bathroom light.

"Ok. say sorry and that you wont say bad words and I will read you the book"


"Would you like to say sorry or turn off the lights and go to sleep?"

"mummy shay soie!"

"Ok, get the book and we will say sorry"

She got the book.

"soie book"

"Give the book a hug and a kiss"

She did that quite cheerfully.

We read the book and went to sleep

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