Monday, April 18, 2011

The birdpark and what happened after

"I liked the bird park very much mummy", said Anjali as we were walking back, "but I dont like it when people put the birds in cages. Like the macaws. But I like it when the birds are outside" - she indicated the pelicans on the rock - "Its not nice to put the birds in cages right mummy? Can we tell the bird aunty to take the birds out of the cages?"

The highlight of the trip to the birdpark was, ofcourse the time with the lories.

It really made Anjali's day to have that red lory sitting on her hand and eating off her bowl. Sophia had tried earlier to feed the lory, which had mistakenly decided that her finger was a nice fruit. Since then she refused to take the bowl in her hand.

"Did you like the lories?", I asked her

"The lories were not in a cage right mummy?", she asked

"Well, it depends on how you look at it. They were actually in a huge cage, but it is so big that you can actually walk into it. You did realize that you were in a big cage when you were feeding the lories right?"

She considered this a bit

"I think it is ok then, mummy"

We then made our way to the waterfall aviary for the bird feeding. The park ranger gives us worms for feeding the birds.

Ofcourse, there were way too many people and way too many worms, so the birds were reluctant to come up close and personal. So the children decided that this was more fun.

I thought that after playing with the worms, the girls would leave them in the park for the birds. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when Anjali decided to put her worm and Sophia's worm back in the cup. She covered the cup with her hands so that the birds wont attack the worms. All through the birds of prey show, she kept holding her hand over the cup.

And that is how we ended up having this on our nature table

Husband did come research and found that they were beetle larvae. We are thinking of making it a biology project, but at the rate the children keep prodding and picking at them, I doubt that they will live to that stage. Anjali took one of the mealworms in her fingers all around the house

"It is exploring mummy!"

"Well, it just arrived. Why not let it rest a bit and explore tomorrow?"

"No! It must explore today!"

"Let her be", said husband. "That worm would have been bird fodder at the birdpark. Now it has got bonus life"

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